Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Let's Build a Dungeon! - Part 8 - The Underground Entrance Populated

We started building a dungeon. And today we're finally adding monsters to that dungeon. In the interest of brevity, I'll keep this focused on the map itself. This is the underground entrance map for the dungeon we made, one of two entrances and transition points between the surface and below ground caves. As per the story of the dungeon the stronghold fell to invaders, but that was in the past. Now it is home for monsters.

Expected Level
In the interest of usability I figured making the dungeon with Level 2 PCs in mind would be a good idea. They can stumble across this early in their adventure - or be hired to check it out. It keeps the monsters manageable, but the PCs should already have their first adventure behind them.

For encounters I expected 4 PCs, but I've included the ratio of Monster:PCs for a Level 2 PC in the monster list. If you have more PCs, feel free to add another group of monsters here and there. Just remember, not every encounter needs to be deadly. 

The Monsters
For monsters I made a simple list. In the interest of Social Play there are some humanoids, but in the interest of the feel of a more classic dungeon with actual monsters I kept them restricted to the indoor areas of the dungeon. Outside we have monstrosities, because I wanted monsters.

For our monster list we have the following:

  • Kruthik – CR 1/8 (3:1 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Kobold – CR 1/8 (3:1 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Kobold Inventor – CR ¼ (2:1 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Reduced Threat Gray Ooze – CR ¼ (2:1 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Gray Ooze - CR 1/2 (1:1 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Dark Mantle – CR ½ (1;1 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Kobold Dragonshield - CR 1 (1:3 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Kobold Scale Sorcerer – CR 1 (1:3 for Level 2 PCs)
  • Adult Kruthik – CR 2 (1:6 for Level 2 PCs)

For the ratios for other levels of PCs check the tables in Xanathar's Guide to Everything. I know I said I expected 4 level 2 PCs, and Bandit Captain says it is good for 6 Level 2 PCs, but a CR2 is also the recommended 'Solo Boss' encounter for 4 level 2 PCs. The Captain is our Boss for this level.

Pure Function
As a note, I did not do any description or story for this. You can add your own descriptions and story as fits your game. Story can be important, but this is a re-usable dungeon and having the story before the build here (aside from the dungeon origin) just feels like a way to lock in things that we want to be mutable.

The Map - Now With Markings

The Key

  1. This section of the caves has four (4) Dark Mantles posed as stalagmites waiting for food to wanter by. When the PCs come within 5' of them, they will attack and try to get food. Dark Mantles are stupid (int 2) but know how to get food, so use your best call on whether they wait for more than 1 person to be close or not before attacking.
  2. Ten (10) Kruthiks scurry about around here, digging in the rocks looking for warmth and food. PCs by definition are warm and food. Happy day!
  3. A single (1) Adult Kruthik guards the pool of warm spring water used for spawning.
  4. These open court yards have little in the way of obstruction. At any time you can find any combination of two (2) of the following: 1d8 Kruthiks, 1d8 Kobolds, 1 Gray Ooze, 1d4 Reduced Threat Gray Ooze, 1 Kobold Scale Sorcerer

A. One (1) Dragonshield Kobold and three (3) Kobolds sit in this room.

B. One (1) Kobold Scale Sorcerer and two (2) Kobold Inventors work in this room on strange concoctions and brews

C. Two (2) Kobold Dragonshields guard the stairs up into the rest of the dungeon

D. 1d6 Kobolds are asleep in this room at any one time.

E. Four (4) Kobolds, Two (2) Kobold Inventors, and a Kobold Scale Sorcerer sit in this hatchery

F. 1d6 Kobolds keep 1d4 Kruthiks locked in F as a source of food?

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