Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back In The Saddle

I'm pretty excited. This Friday I'm back to GMing and it's been a long while. At the very least it's been since sometime in November when my Shadowrun game came to an impromptu end due to time constraints. Since then my normal game has been on hiatus while a friend ran another game, but now that game is back on hiatus and the "main show" is picking back up.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Your Approach Matters

As a player, even when the game is completely on rails, you have the ability to show who your character is and make things into more, or less, of a story as you see fit. The way you do this is with your approach to the game. If you approach the game as a story to be told and RP'd through, you will get a story out of it. If you approach it as dice to be thrown at mechanical and tactical challenges, then that is what you will get out of it. Today I want to talk about this, ways you can do it, and why it matters.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Discussion: Music For Game Prep?

Do you listen to music when prepping for games? Does your game have a specific sound track? Do you use music to get you in the mood for session? If so, what do you do and how does it work?

Currently I'm trying to build a sound track for the coming arc of my L5R game but it is slim pickings so far. I do like using music to help encapsulate the feel of a game though. One of my better games, a teen hero game, had a ten song sound track with the key tracks being "This Isn't What We Meant" and "Kill The Hero." I would listen to both songs before game. More to the point, I would play both songs while everyone was coming into the room and getting prepped for game. Both songs helped let people know that I was about to start. Sadly, only one person saw the deeper meaning behind the selection of Kill The Hero before it was too late. (hint: it's not the refrain.)

So, what about you?

Edit: my housemate asked me to explain the songs so here I go.

This Isn't What We Meant was used as part of the story involved the world wanting to move past the death of the Superman equivalent. They wanted order and stability, but what they got exploded the world into a huge civil war of all the super powered people on the world. Literally, the answer to their problems wasn't what they meant going forward.

Kill The Hero is from Hero the Rock Opera. This song in particular is about Jesus's trial. It worked for the game as with the heroe's splitting only one or two big name heroes was actually on the "good" side but were being decried by everyone else. I wasn't saying that character was jesus, but the accusations were applicable.

It was a good game. Probably the best I'll ever have run. Anyhow, how about you?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ship to Ship Combat - Desinging A Mechanic _ Part 3

Friday we talked about the goal of a Ship to Ship combat system and settled on fast, narrative, and engaging all the players. Tuesday we broke that down into the different areas of the ship, what players could do there, and a bit about the Command position. Today I want to pull it all together with the flow of the system and how it works. This is the part that would likely require the most tweaking for any individual game, so please feel free to poke holes, ask questions, and offer your own suggestions.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ship to Ship Combat - Designing A Mechanic - Part 2

On Friday I began talking about desinging a Ship to Ship combat system. I laid out a basic idea for the core mechanic, areas of responsibility, and how a round could work. Today I want to flesh out some of those areas a bit more, and then take tomorrow to talk about a way it could all flow together. It is important to note that this is mostly still just a rough first pass at this mechanic, and will need testing and feedback to go through and work. Also remember the goals is for narrative focus and speed more than mechanical crunch.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Whoops! Post Tomorrow

Sorry folks, I done goofed hard. This post will be up Tomorrow, and then we return to our normal schedule on Wednesday. Sorry again.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ship to Ship Combat - Designing A Mechanic - Part I

I know, I know, I said today I'd talk more about Social Contracts but this has taken my fancy instead and it is something that, while still very much in development, I wanted to share and see if people had input or ideas for what might work. The idea is to have a primarily narrative focused, quick and fun system to handle capital ship combat whether it be in space or at sea. More after the break.