Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Closing the Distance Between You and Your Character (Or Vice Versa)

After a game recently one of the players recommended another player use "I do X" or "I try Y" when declaring their actions instead of referring to the character in the third person. The suggestion was made as advice to help improve their role playing and bring the character more to the fore. It got me to thinking, and today I want to talk about that and the distance you have between you and your character and how to manipulate that.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mechanics That Help Tell The Story

One of the things that intrigues me about systems like Masks and the upcoming Legend of Five Rings release from FFG is that both games have mechanics that help tell the story. By this I mean they have mechanics that represent some emotional aspect of the characters in the scene, which in turn impacts how the player is expected to play that character. Most systems - at best - try to get out of the way of the story only showing up to help resolve conflicts. These systems though bring the conflict into play.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Legend of Five Rings by Fantasy Flight Games - First Impressions

Legend of Five Rings has been one of my go to games for...well, for more than a decade now. There has always been something not only about the world of Rokugan that drew me in, but the Roll and Keep system as well. When Fantasy Flight Games announced they had purches Legend of Five Rings from AEG I was pretty excited. I rather like FFG's other forays into the RPG industry, as well as their handling of the Star Wars license. I figured Rokugan was in good hands with them. And this GenCon I got a chance to play in a game using the new system. Today I want to talk about that.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Back From GenCon

I'm back from GenCon. I'm also very tired. While I've slept since getting home from GenCon, I find the fatigue from going for the 4 days is lingering. The two long days driving probably don't help, nor does just getting older. :P

GenCon was a lot of fun. It was my first time GMing, and I ended up running 4 sessions of 7th Sea 2nd Edition for John Wick Presents. The experience of GMing was awesome, and I can't give Monte Lim enough praise for organizing the JWP GM's to make for a great con. One of the most amazing things about GMing for them was getting to see the other tables and hear all the whoops, cheers, and bursts of laughters coming from all the other tables.

Aside from the 16 hours of GMing for JWP, I also got to play in a session for Fantasy Flight Games' new Legend of Five Rings RPG - more on that later - and I finally got to play in a game of MASKS: A New Generation.

That said, let's get into some of the big take aways from the Con.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

GenCon Bound

There will be no posts this week because I'll be at GenCon for the week. My friend and I are heading out Wednesday to drive to Indy, and won't be back until sometime early next monday (so no post them either.)

This is my 4th or 5th year at GenCon and every year I've been trying something new. This year I'm going to be trying running convention games. I'll be running 7th Sea for John Wick Presents, so if you're signed up for some of those games maybe I'll see you there. I'm looking forward to it, the adventures lined up for this year look fun.

Beyond my GMing, I'm looking forward to trying out Fantasy Flight Games' new L5R game.

Aside from that I'm not sure. I might wander Indy a bit if the temperature isn't too high, or see if I can find some other mischief to get into.

Take care of yourselves, and have a good week!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Discussion: Favorite Monster?

What's your favorite monster?

To be clear, I don't mean a custom made monster you did for a game - though I'd love to hear about that if you have one that is truly amazing.

I also don't mean the PCs - as much as we all know they can be monsters.

However, in the various RPGs you've played there have likely been Monster Manuals, or equivalent books full of creatures to fight the PCs in the games. Which of those are your favorite?

Mine, I'm afraid, is not particularly unique. I'm a big fan of Dragons. Dragon encounters in D&D are always that little bit extra epic while still providing imagery that everyone can more or less agree on. Yes, it does lead to some standard player actions - someone always wants to jump onto the flying dragon.

Still, over the years I've had so many more good encounters with dragons than bad ones, I just love them. I especially love them when you find them in other games, because I find how a system handles a dragon fight tells you a lot about how that system works. For example, in Shadowrun you don't fight dragons. They will kill you all dead. And that tells you a lot about Shadowrun.

But what about you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Character Side Plots

Character Side Plots are a staple of RPGs, and other forms of RPGs. They can make some very cool moments that reveal a lot about the character, and they can provide a good break from whatever major plot you're running - without actually breaking tension. Oh, and as a general rule of thumb, your players definitely want them. Very few players don't want a side story for their character. Maybe they don't want to be center stage and in the limelight - because that is scary - but they want a story for their character that's more than just "that person who was with the group that did the thing."

With that in mind, let's talk about character side plots.