Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kickstarter: Princess Bride Role Playing Game

I had a post for today ready to go, and I'll probably run it on Friday unless some other mood takes me. However, in getting ready to put the post up for today, a friend shared a link to this kickstarter campaign with me. Normally I wouldn't do this - history may say otherwise - but being a huge fan of the Princess Bride movie - and book - I couldn't resist.

In the gaming circles I've been a part of Princess Bride has been worse than even the fabled Monty Python for being quoted too much - and I gamed in the early 90s when you couldn't go on a quest without hearing about how some French castle already has one of whatever you're looking for.

So take a moment, check out the Kickstarter. It has a Quick Start guide so you can check the system out before playing, and maybe throw them a few bucks. It seems to use the Fudge system, and that's the engine behind FATE so it's a tried and true engine.

It should make for a lot of fun!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

PC Assassins vs. Assassinating PCs

One of the places I've always felt most RPGs fall short in selling a power fantasy is with the high level assassin PC. Lots of games enable players to play assassins. Most class games have Assassin - or something like it - as a class, and nothing stops a player from taking money for killing people. However, when it comes to the mechanics, the ability to kill someone swiftly and efficiently from a place of hiding - or while they sleep - is something most systems aren't inclined least, unless the NPC would just as easily be killed in straight combat.

Monday, February 19, 2018

On Holiday

Today's post will be up tomorrow. On a bit of a holiday from work and to plan my games. See folks tomorrow!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Discussion: Shopping Trips?

Shopping Trips seem to be a love it or hate it thing when it comes to RPGs. Some people love having their character go shopping, haggling for deals, and looking to see if they can find all the things they think they need, or if the GM can pique their interest with some other stuff. Others hate it. They don't want to waste a session spending gold and sifting through books for rarity tables, mechanics, and other such stuff.

My question for you today is where do you fall on the line here?

For me - and I suspect this may be somewhat common - it depends on the character. Some characters don't mind. Some character's hate it. However, even with the characters who love to go shopping I only really want it to be a scene or a session thing if the RP is going to be good. I could care less about if someone can find a special gun - that can be handled between sessions. However, if there's going to be fun RP, character revealing RP, or story RP? Sign me the hell up.

How about you?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

GM Like Matthew Mercer

On Monday I talked about how to play like the players on Critical Role. Today I want to talk the other side. Lots of advice - here included - will tell you to not expect your GMing to be as good as Matthew Mercer's, and I'm not going back on that. The man is not only gifted, but he is skilled and has clearly put the hours in behind the screen. Not to mention that he has the benefit of his professional career skillset being so perfect a match for this hobby we know and love.

That said, a lot of what makes Matt Mercer a great GM at the table can be replicated and practiced without being a professional voice actor. Today I want to talk about those things.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Play Like in Critical Role

A lot of people want their game to play like Critical Role. They understand that the popular stream is special for a reason, but they still want to play in a game like it. Now, I can't do anything about making you a professional voice actor with all the experiences and skills that come with it, but there are some habits the players in Critical Role display on the regular that we can all practice to make us better players. Oh yeah, most of these apply to me too.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Discussion: What Are You Working On?

Games involve work. They have goals. Players and GMs tend to work towards them, but do you ever let people know? I figured today I'd give folks a chance. Tell me what you're working on. See if you can put it in words. If you can't, maybe the idea needs more refinement. If you can, maybe it's time to let the rest of your group know.

The big thing I'm working on is the end of my L5R game. We started this game near 6 years ago, with the idea being to run a generational game. My original idea was to run until we got to the 3rd day of thunder, but another game with a lot of the same players got there first and I don't want to re-tread the territory. it'd be too much like copying. Beyond that, over the six years the group has changed. The people I thought would be the core have all moved to other places where they can't be in the game except for two of them.

I'd like the game to get the ending it deserves. I'd also like to do it before I lose more of the players that have been here for six years working towards it.

The other big thing is my D&D game. The PCs are currently involved in a war with hobgoblins, but my goal lies beyond that. Beyond the war is wealth, riches, a three year skip, and then basically a different kind of D&D game as the PCs have a stronghold and powerbase to fall back on.

What about you?