Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Breachworld Kickstarter Now Live

Just an update folks. The Breachworld Kickstarter we talked about last week is now LIVE and with Day One bonuses if you pledge in the next 14 or so hours!

Check it out, support it if you want, and enjoy!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Playstyle Trumps Mechanics

You ever hear the phrase "Perception is Reality"? It sounds false if you think about it literally. Obviously there is the perception of a thing and the reality of a thing. Scumbag salesman make a career out of selling something as more than what it is, they make it appear to be better. Other people are often wowed when something seems better than it looked at first appearance. Even so, the saying has a purpose. For a lot of things perception is reality. If something is perceived as being unfair, you will have to fight to prove that it is in fact fair. And if a character is perceived to be the most bad ass mofo in the game, that is how people will treat them.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Breachworld Kickstarter W/ Special Early Bird Offers

Jason Richards is a good man. More importantly though, Jason Richards Publishing has a fun game known as Breachworld. For those not in the know, Breachworld is a game that is kind of like inverse Rifts. Where in Rifts you jump through portals to various worlds of adventures, in Breachworld a whole bunch of worlds of adventure jumped through portals and came to one place. The game is a lot of fun, and you can learn more about it by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

For those who already play Breachworld, or just love miniatures, on October 17th Jason Richards will be launching a new Kickstarter for Breachworld miniatures. I'll have a link on the 17th as well, but put this in mind.

You can check out the pre-release campaign page and leave feedback for Jason Richards Publishing here.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Is Your D&D Character Rare?

This is a neat chart that I found on Reddit today. If you go to the /r/DND reddit you'll be able to find it too, or just click the link here.

Effectively, Curse released the numbers for Race/Class combinations users made in D&D Beyond's first month. How does your character stack up? Are you a common build? Not so much? If you are common, don't let that make you think your char is generic or cheap. All things are trope, and it is how you execute that matters. Also, synergy leads to certain builds. There is a reason you have more Elven ranged characters than melee, and that reason is +2 dex among other things.

I was surprised that Critical Role didn't result in more Gnomish Bards, but beyond that the chart isn't too surprising. Though, I suppose if you wanted to go with the most unique character you'd need to make a Aasimar Ranger. Only 60 of those were made, though that number may have gone up as people seek out the rarest of the rares.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Encounter vs. Narrative Based Preparation

I've been struggling with my D&D game. The players all assure me they're having fun, and they seem to enjoy the game so I'm not worried about that end. However, even with them having fun, I know that it's harder for me to prep a session for D&D than it is for other games I run. At first I had it chalked up to system familiarity. I was still learning D&D, and I had years of experience with other systems. Then I noticed that even with systems I didn't have that familiarity with I didn't have the same problems. It wasn't until my L5R game was close to coming off hiatus and I started prepping for that that I realized the problem: for whatever reason, I have been prepping for D&D differently than I have for other games.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Legend of Five Rings Beta - Now Live

Following up on the announcement made last week, Fantasy Flight Games released the beta for their Legend of Five Rings RPG this week, and it is not what I expected, but I am definitely intrigued by the results. As of this writing I haven't had chance to do much more than skim some of the rules, but there is a lot in there that makes me happy and a lot that I think will cause some edition wars as purists don't like change, especially change this large.

System wise, the game is powered by the love child of L5R's traditional Roll and Keep system and the dice system pioneered by Star Wars and Genisys. Players and GMs roll specialty dice equal to their Ring + Skill, and keep a number of those dice - their choice - equal to their ring. The dice have non-numerical faces with up to 4 possible results: success, explosive success, opportunity, and strife.

Success is as simple as it sounds. Explosive success is like rolling a 10 in old Roll and Keep, it lets you roll an additional die of the same type and choose whether or not you want to include it in the roll. Opportunity is a chance for something else - generally positive - to happen. For example, not only do you skillfully perform a play in front of the Imperial Court, but you arrange for a private meeting with the Hatamoto of the Scorpion Daimyou at the same time. Strife is where things get weird.

Per the description, Strife is an upswell of emotion - positive, negative, or neutral. Strife adds up as a scene goes on, building and building until the character has so much built up emotion that they can't contain it. At which point...stuff...happens.  I haven't had a chance to read fully into it, but from what I have read it reads like losing face is now a mechanic, and I rather like that. Especially with a core mechanic for character tension being "Duty" vs. "Self."

Other changes are more minor. Honor, Glory, and Status are now a 100 point scale instead of a 10 point scale, but honestly that means nothing when you consider that you tracked all 3 by tenths of a point before.

I'm excited to read more, and hopefully will get a chance for a test game at some point in the near future.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

7th Sea: Khitai - Kickstarter

At 9am EST yesterday, John Wick Presents launched the second kickstarter for 7th Sea 2nd Edition. The idea this time? To make a separate, but fully compatable, game of 7th Sea but for the East where the idea behind what constitutes a hero is a little different. 3 hours later - slower than the initial kickstarter but still fast - the game funded. As of the time of this writing, they're sitting just below the 100k line and looking to go forward.

It should be no surprise by now that I love 7th Sea. The game has a blend of indie game novely and big game crunch that's hard to come by. I'm intrigued by the mechanics, and amazed at how they handle some very complex things with a speed and efficiency I long accepted was simply impossible in table top.

Look, I could sit here and type the praises of the game, the world, and the makers forever. So all I'm going to say is this. The foreword of Crescent Empire, an expansion for 7th Sea second edition, included an anecdote where some people thanked John Wick because in his game they not only could be heroes, but were depicted as heroes throughout the book. That's the point of the game. 7th Sea is a world where anyone - no matter their race, creed, or class - is capable of rising up and being a hero, and finding out what that means.

It's a message we could use more of today.

So I hope you'll take a look at the kickstarter info presented here, and if you find it to your liking throw them a couple bucks and preorder a wonderful game. If nothing else, you can get access to the PDFs of every 7th Sea book released so far, both 1st and 2nd edition, and that's a great deal considering the price it is offered at.