Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kickstarter: Blackwind

Checking my inbox the other day I noticed an e-mail asking me to check out a new RPG kickstarter for a game called Blackwind.

The game looks to be a narrative focused RPG with a system that can handle any type of genre. They seem to take a more FATE like focus mixed with Apocalypse World - I am guessing based on their description - for game mechanics that handle narrative issues rather than trying to simulate a physical world.

I tend to be wary of any game that starts it's description saying it is "fixing" the problems of the genre, but this looks like it could be interesting and I'm willing to let the pet peeve go. Also, you don't have to just take their word for things, there is a link to a free adventure/module in the kickstarter.

So take a look, and if you think it's worth your money give them a pledge. If not, don't.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Setting Up Rivals and Villains

One of the things I've been struggling to do properly in my various games is have a rival or villain for the PCs set up so that the PCs respect or fear them without their having to be a combat involving the PCs. The reason for that being, well, fights with PCs tend to be rather fatal, and well, that's not always the best payoff for an NPC you worked hard on. It's also really bad for starting a story when the whole point dies in the introduction. Today, let's talk about that.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Minions, Minion Groups, And You

Over the weekend I finally saw the season finale of Arrow season 5. I used to love the Arrowverse, but as it went on it became more of a chore to keep up without the full payment I expect from my entertainment options for that much effort, but I heard good things about Season 5 and wanted to watch it so I did. I'm not going to go into details about Season 5 of Arrow, but the finale features several sequences where one or two named characters rip through groups of masked, genericked people. It's done to show that the named characters are bad ass, and whether poorly or well executed it's not an uncommon thing to see in games. However, is it a good thing for your game?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Discussion: What Game Do You Want To Play In?

Given the choice, what type of game would you want to play in right now? What particular interests are tickling your fancy? What needs for story elements do you have?

Do you need to blow off steam with a straight up dungeon crawl/murder hobo-fest? Want something with a stronger story? The Cloak and Dagger of politics? The gallantry of an Epic Fantasy of good and evil? The daring adventure of Space Opera?

Personally, the only trend I see my brain keep coming back to is I want to play in a heist game of some sort. Leverage, Shadow Run, D&D, I don't care about the setting Just a game that follows the mechanics of how a proper heist works. The full steps of preparation, planning, execution, and seeing how things go wrong or right.

Heck, even the aftermath of a good heist can be fun.

What about you? And remember, it's play in, not GM.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Running a Supers Game

From Mutants and Masterminds to Icons and even some of the Fate Worlds, there are a lot of options out there for running a super powered RPG. Most of these games say they're for running Super Heroes, but I prefer called it a Super Powered game because depending on your players and what they want you might not be running a Super Hero game - no matter what you thought going in. Today I want to talk about this, and some questions you should be asking when setting up to run a supers game.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Choosing A New Game

Choosing a new game can be a strange challenge depending on the group. There are a lot of questions that can come up, and navigating those questions and their answers can be the difference between starting a new game that has a chance to thrive, and ending up with everyone drifting away bored after a few sessions. Today I want to talk about that.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Discussion: How Would You Handle This?

The nature of the green text involves gay marriage in a fantasy world. I didn't choose it for that political message, but more because it shows a game where what the players want to do and what the GM wants to do are different. In the green text, the players go off in their own direction, cause a revolution, and take over a country - and good on the GM for going with it. Then they get smote by the GM's original plot which has been left ignored in the process.

In general I find myself ok with this. Provided the GM gave clues along the way that things were going bad, it is part of the world. Perhaps it could have been left alone considering how fully the campaign went in this other direction, but at the same time, just because we're not interacting with parts of the world doesn't mean it's not going to come interact with us.

Your thoughts?