Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blitzkrieg Characterization

One of the things I did at GenCon was attend several seminars from the Writer's Symposium. I did it for two reasons. The first, as my bio says, is because I have interest in writing and would like to be doing it professionally some day (though, as of yet I'm still writing trunk novels.) The second is because there is a lot of writing advice that is also applicable to gaming, especially GMing. One of the tips I picked up, a skill called Blitzkrieg Characterization is one of those things.

Monday, August 25, 2014

D&D 5th Edition - Thoughts After Some Play

Over Gencon I got to play in a few D&D 5th edition games. Mostly one hour events that WotC was running, but also a 4 hour event. This Friday, as our normal game was cancelled, I ran a one shot to get a feel for the system from the other side of the screen. Today I figured I'd go over the system and give some of my thoughts.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

GenCon - Best and Worst Experiences of 2014

Whoops. Here I go promising things then not delivering. Sorry about that, but I get a bit addled when on vacation and this is the last bit of mine. Anyhow, today's post is more subjective than the previous ones about GenCon but I've had some folks ask for what my best experience was and what the worst was, so I figured I'd share. I'm going to try to focus on the why this was the case, and who knows maybe it'll help someone fix things. In the interest of ending on a high note, I'm going to start with the worst experience of the con.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

GenCon Round Up Part 2 - Developer Run Games

One of the more awesome experiences I got to enjoy at GenCon this year happened on Sunday morning. On a bit of a whim I and my friend headed down to room 127 where Catalyst and Fantasy Flight Games had some tables set up for their various RPGs. We signed up for a waiting list with FFG and about forty minutes later were sitting around a table with a nice man in a FFG Polo shirt getting ready to play a one shot adventure of Edge of the Empire. To say it bluntly, it was probably the best gaming experience I had the whole con. It also taught me a lot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Post GenCon Round Up - Part 1

First, I apologize for this post being so late. Between the drive back, unpacking (as much as I have so far) and just getting back into the swing of my life..well, it's been a bit more tiring and exciting than I thought. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is the experience I had at GenCon, both as a first timer and just in general. So let's get into that, shall we?

Late Post

A post for today is coming. Just having some trouble getting pictures onto my computer for use. Expect something by this evening. Sorry!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My First Time At GenCon - Day 2 Recap

I had a bit of a late start today due to sleeping in, but still had a lot of fun. A bit more cramped for time as myself and my friend who I am here with tried to stick together. Also had 3 hours out of the middle of my time at GenCon day cut up by some seminars I attended. Tomorrow I'm hoping to focus on gaming more than anything, and we'll see how that goes. For today though...

General Information

  • Don't lose or destroy your tickets; they can be refunded for other things
  • The actual physical ticket is a must
  • Most event runners don't care whose name is on a Generic Ticket so keep track of them
  • If you have generics, show up early but expect to wait until 5 minutes or so after start time
  • The con is huge, so if you want to do something specific plan it out before you arrive
  • If you want to play a specific game/event with a friend, get tickets for the events. Generics are hard because often it is just 1 seat available
  • The bigger the event, the more likely there will be open seats
Food & Drink
  • Johnny Rockets is amazing 
  • Seriously best shake I've ever had was at Johnny Rockets
  • I forgot to eat after lunch at JR (can't stress how easy this is to do...)
  • People are still super nice
  • Some don't understand personal space
  • Please mute your cellphone/devices in seminars. No one wants to hear your phone beep and chirp while trying to listen to the panel
  • Younger gamers don't always understand to ask before taking. Try to be patient. (I've yet to have this problem with gamers over 30, but then we used to flog people for even thinking of grabbing stuff without asking.)
  • D&D 5th edition is nice enough
  • Character differences from Pathfinder are significant, mechanical feel in play is...not
  • Will be interesting to see where D&D/Pathfinder are this time next year
  • Hoping to find more variance in games tomorrow, but also interested in trying more D&D 5th...
  • Don't be afraid to say yes! (I.e. "do you want to try this game? YES!)