Monday, March 10, 2014

Time Is Limited: Feeling Antsy

I am...restless. It's nothing particularly weird, but I want to run something. I haven't run a game in the better part of what feels like 3 months. My L5R game is currently swapped over to a different GM for a Halo game, and while that should switch back soon the breaks around holidays, sickness, and winter weather has extended the time away to a lot longer than first intended. The week is busy enough that there is no time to use that for games either. For the first time in years I'm not GMing anything on a regular basis and it feels weird.

Ideas, Premises, And Wants
The hardest part with this is dealing with the ideas. My brain is looking for a game that it can run. A friend mentioned games Hero Lab works for and suddenly I'm thinking it'd be fun to run a Pathfinder game. Get some of that old school western mythology sword and sorcery stuff going. I've almost always got an L5R idea or two going. FATE makes most premises almost too easy to be a potential game. If time was limitless I likely would have started as many as six games just in the last two days.

Losing My Own Game
The worry is that my own game may be lost. Shadowrun went on hiatus due ot a busy January and has unofficially ended because I just don't reliably have the time during the week to be running a game. I would love to run more Shadowrun, I just don't know if I'll ever get the chance too.

My real worry though is my L5R game. Now, the game was designed for their to be time skips. It was built with the idea that every now and then it would go on a multi-session hiatus while we played in a small Halo game. However, for a while the person who runs the Halo side wasn't around, and now the Halo side is going longer - in real time if not session number - than it normally does. It is irrational perhaps, but I worry that people won't want to go back to the L5R game, or worse that I won't be able to really pick up where the game had left off. The spark and feel for a game can be fickle and hide if you spend too long away.

Still Fun Though
On the positive side though, it has been a lot of fun being a player. I've made a few GMs go "I'm sorry, what?" And I've got to make a couple of really fun champions. I do have plans for my own game when I get it back to give it the old try. Hopefully things will work out for that.


  1. I do know what you mean. I'm grateful for the bi-weekly Dark Heresy game I run. Unbelievably, it's been almost a year - crazy! It certainly helps with that creative itch. I'm as into it now as ever. Am I getting better at it? Man, I hope so...not sure. Are my players into it? Yah, in pretty sure they are.

    I would love to add a second campaign - probably L5R. Can't imagine the time, though.

    What about you setting up some one-shots, just to keep your finger in it? And/or look to run sessions at your local Cons?

  2. Im getting antsy for L5R too, how else am I going to steal your ideas, repackage them and sell them back to you? :)