Friday, March 7, 2014


When I got into this whole game blogging thing one of the first people to reach out and say hi was Jason Richards of Palladium fame. Jason is a cool guy and I had a lot of fun interacting with him in emails and on one of his pre-made character bits. His blog has been heating up again lately after some time abroad, and it looks like Jason is going to be coming back with his very own RPG.

It is called Breachworld and, from what I can understand, involves breaches and worlds. You should totally check it out and while you're over on Jason Richard's site maybe say hi, check some things out, and get ready for the kickstarter he's looking to get going.

The Kickstarter for this has gone live. Give it a look!


  1. Thanks for the support, AL. I hope you'll agree to write a little something for me for a supplement/stretch/add-on! A creature or a Player Race, maybe?

  2. That sounds like fun. So, yeah, definitely.