Monday, November 30, 2020

For Feedback Ask Specific Questions

 I am trying something  new at the end of my sessions. At least, I am trying to try something new. We'll see how it goes with attempt #2 on Friday. The idea is to change how I am asking for GM feedback at the end of the session.

Most sessions I end with the following: "Any feedback for me? The NPCs? Things you liked? Things you didn't like? Things you want more of? Things you want less of?"

The idea is simple, I'm asking several questions with different possible answers. The idea is to solicit general feedback of the session. Players tend to engage at least somewhat with it telling me something they liked or something I did well, which is good. It gives me stuff to keep up on. However, a lot of times the responses I get are more simple.

In the game on Friday I found myself curious about a couple specific scenes that happened. So I asked to the two players who were directly involved "What did you think of X scene? How could I have done it better? What didn't work for you?" And I got an answer specific to that. I also asked the players who were outside the scene and got a different perspective.

The end result was that the scene went over better than I thought it had. The players understood why things went wrong. But there was still some ideas on what I could have done better to communicate things in the scene.

It worked out well. And I hope to keep doing it.

I guess we'll just see if I can find a specific scene in the next session I want to pull apart and get ideas on.

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