Friday, September 4, 2020

The Trouble With Traps

When I started down the path of wanting to build a dungeon of my own - and do it on this blog - it was because I wanted to learn about making and running dungeons to see if along the way of doing that I would learn where the root cause was of my displeasure with my own experiences in playing through dungeons.

So far the experience has been eye opening, and one of the biggest ones came when I found some people dissecting why traps were flat out bad in current editions of D&D. Having gone from these exciting elements of creativity and problem solving, to simple stat checks with a "gotcha" on the other end that encouraged players to slow the game down, be as paranoid as possible, and focus completely on mechanics to the exception of everything else.

As soon enough we'll be coming up on traps in a dungeon setting - at least partially, it seemed a good idea to broach the subject.

Only, I think this topic is covered much better - and more in depth - by the Alexandrian and by Questing Beast. So please follow the links below, give the creators their internet points, and learn about what traps were, versus what they've become, and how as GMs we can fix that.

The Alexandrian - Rulings in Practice: Traps

Questing Beast - Building DND Traps That Players Love

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