Friday, January 3, 2020

The Big Day: Ultimate Victory or Defeat?

As I write this article I'm about 80% done with my preparation for the next D&D session I'm running. This session will likely be the ultimate, or penultimate, session for this campaign. We started the game in December 2016, so about 3 years ago. That's a long time to live in a world. To tell a story with characters. And to be unsure how it is going to pan out.

I have confidence in the PCs being able to pull things off. They're all strong characters, capable heroes, and they work well together - at least in combat. However, I also know what is arrayed against them, and my fear is that the dice and chance will come in as unfair arbiters and just blow a PC away too quick for them to do something meaningful.

On a personal level I'm also anxious. In a lot of ways this is one of the more ambitious encounters and sessions I have planned. It can go a lot of ways. Hopefully the heroes win the day. That is, after all, what is supposed to happen right?

Either way, I find myself staring at the last few pages of a story I've been reading and helping make for three years. That coming to an end has all manner of feelings involved with it. It is something I want to break down more, and may for a future post as sort of a campaign after-action report type thing.

So tonight while you have your normal scheduled Friday night, I'll be sorting out the literal fate of a world with some friends as we finish ringing in the new year. If all goes well, everyone will have a good time. Also if all goes well, we'll have some fresh made cookies. Won't that be nice?

Enjoy your weekend folks. Sorry for today's rambling, but mostly all my thoughts are just about beginning a new year by ending a 3 year journey and the uncertainty of knowing how it will end.

To make things even better, a game I'm in is having its final session in about 90 minutes. My character is already dead - kind of - in that game, so I mostly get to watch. Still, it's a lot of things coming to an end....and on top of that the potential for a lot of new beginnings.

Until Monday....

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