Friday, October 11, 2019

Discussion: Online or Physical Notes?

When you take notes for your game, do you prefer to do it on a computer or online, or do you prefer to do it in a physical format?

I don't see much difference between the two effect wise, but I've seen people express very strong feelings regarding how they take their notes.

I personally do almost all my game prep online. I make my prep notes in google docs. I make custom monsters in dndbeyond for D&D - and on gdocs for other systems. I do this because it lets me do it anywhere without a problem. I can poke in on a break at work. I can log in from a friend's house. I don't have to carry a whole bunch of notebooks with me, nor do I have to break out a notebook to do that work.

I have a Surface laptop that I use to review those notes at the game table to save paper and spare the trees. It also lets me have multiple tabs open so I can have more notes up and easily accessible all at one time.

However, I take my notes during game on a physical notebook. In particular I use a rocketbook. This lets me take notes during the game on a notebook, then scan and upload the notes online to use when making my prep notes for the next session.

It works well for me, but I know lots of other people do things differently.  So how do you take your notes? And what do you like about it?

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