Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It's often best to just pull the trigger

A quick thought on character death. You always want to be fair when death can happen. You don't want a "one roll and you're dead" situation. However, if the mechanics play out that someone is killed, then stick with it.

This is anecdotal, but I can not think of a single time where I've spared a character in a situation where they should have been dead that I do not regret. The player hasn't always known, but I have. On the other hand, while I have been saddened by deaths at the table, I've never regretted sticking by a death.

I'm sure there is an exception out there. A fair, mechanical death that should be excused and won't lead to regret, but I've never experienced it.

Death, and death happening at weird times, is a part of the game. At least, it is if that is the expectation you set for your game. If your game uses other rules for it then stick to those. But if you set the expectation that deaths may happen at weird times, and someone dies, just pull the trigger.

Your game will be better for it.

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