Friday, January 4, 2019

Discussion: Holiday Haul

Did you get anything gaming related over the holidays? Either as a gift or something you got yourself? Some of those prices can be too much to pass by, and why not indulge if you've already got the gift giving out of the way?

I feel like this holidays I spent a small fortune on miniatures. Mostly because, by my standards, I did.

First and foremost, in October I went in with a friend and we gifted everyone involved in our D&D games with a voucher for a Hero Forge mini and shipping. There was no compulsion on people to get a miniature for the game we played with them, but most people did, and it's been really cool to see everyone's custom representation of their character on the table. Even better with the new table topper we built to elevate the combat game.

Secondly, I found the Temple of Elemental Evil and Castle Ravenloft board games on sale and picked them up. Not to play the board games, but both of them come chock full of miniatures that are to the same scale D&D uses for its battlemats. They make good starters for collections, and I'm a big fan of the Young Black Dragon that comes from Temple of Elemental Evil.

I still need to pop out the terrain cards to see if there is anything in there useful for my tabletop games, but the minis alone have been more than worth the cost. Especially on sale where it worked out to being less than $1 per figure. Not bad when you are factoring in Large and Huge minis.

Finally, because I love dice, I splurged on some halfsies from Gatekeeper Games. I buy at least one set of these every GenCon, and decided to get some this Christmas too, because dice. They roll well and look neat, that's all I can ask for.

How about you? Get anything fun?

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