Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Birthday Reality Refracted

Today this blog is 9 years old. We started back in 2010 with and then moved to blogger with Reality Refracted (silly me, art of gaming was taken because I am not as clever as I think I am.) We've been going ever since.

I am somewhat saddened I couldn't keep up the post a day model, but since I've barely managed to keep the 3 updates a week model it is probably good I stepped back. Some other fun facts:

  • 9 years of RPG talk has resulted in 661,445 page views, which averages to 73,494 page views per day.
  • Discounting Google (43,320) most people end up here from rpgbloggers (13,622) or Stumble Upon (1945).
  • The most common search that has brought people here is "how to frame someone for a crime" I hope my advice was never used IRL.
  • 33% of viewers use Chrome
  • 32% of viewers use Firefox
  • 276888 page views come from the USA. The next highest is the Ukraine (55586), and Russia (29868)
  • The most viewed post is from 2012, an RPG Blog Carnival post about backpacks
Going into this year, I guess we'll see what happens. With any luck we'll be here next year talking about a decade of Reality Refracted.

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