Monday, November 5, 2018

Adding some Awkward Makes it Real

This past weekend we gave my father to the Ocean. It was a good time for what it was, and in the end everything went over well. However, it also had it's awkward moments. Thinking about how it played out, you have the normal expectations vs. reality bit. You expect things to go a certain way. Everything goes to plan. It's a nice, quiet moment with deep emotional resonance. The viking fires the arrow and it hits the boat perfectly with the first shot setting the whole thing ablaze.

Thing is, that isn't how reality goes, and adding some of that awkwardness can not only increase the 'realness' of how it feels but also tell you about characters.

How do the characters deal with the introduction of awkwardness? Does someone stand up and just settle the issue to get it done? Does the awkwardness linger? Is it humiliating for someone?

It doesn't even have to be a major thing, or at a big event.

Give it some thought. It could be the missing piece that takes a great scene to the next level.

We'll be back to the regular schedule this week.

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