Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Past Planning...

I find myself in an interesting spot in both games I am running. For various reasons, in the current adventures, the PCs have progressed beyond the point where I need  to really plan what is going on. This doesn't mean there is no session prep. I still have to figure out encounters, monsters, and which NPCs are showing up, but the majority of the planning is done.

In a sense this is freeing. The adventure is just rolling along on momentum towards whichever end the PCs can direct the rampaging boulder into. On the other hand, it's like constantly being afraid that I forgot to turn the stove off when heading out to work, and then wondering why I even turned the stove on in the first place.

The other interesting thing is where the game is. The D&D game is nowhere near completion, but the PCs have been involved in a major arc for a while that is at a point where I no longer decide what happens. Either the PCs do option A, B, C, or D (or make up E-Z) and that's it. Once they get to the end, we hit that wonderful weird place where I as the GM have no idea what is going on and it will be largely up to the players.

The L5R game on the other hand is hurtling along to the end of a 6+ (8+?) year campaign. When it's's just over. And I'm not sure how that is going to feel. Hopefully the end is satisfying. But what do you do when a story you've been following for 6-8 years comes to an end? You find another story to start, but even's a little awkward.

Have any of you found yourself in this spot? How did you handle it? What did you do with your prep time to try and make things more interesting?

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