Friday, March 30, 2018

Discussion: How Elaborate Do You Envision Your Gear?

Everyone has a mental image of their character. Sometimes that is just the very broad strokes of what is listed on the equipment list, maybe height, weight, hair, eyes, and sex. Sometimes it is a lot more involved. More and more it seems to becoming popular to commission art of characters, and I don't know a player who hasn't had at least one game with an artist that doodles at least their own character.

My question for today, is how elaborate do you see your character's gear? Elaborate may be the wrong word, but how detailed? Even a character with plain armor can have chips and scratches in it from use. Or it could come across more cartoony and simple - something that makes the brain have an easier time playing with it..

I tend towards super simplistic mental images of my stuff and my characters during session. In a lot of ways it plays out in my head almost like an animated show or cartoon - one of the more common ways I've consumed said visuals over the course of my life. However, in the slow moments of game, or between game, I tend to add a lot more detail and some of that sticks in future sessions.

How about with you?

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