Monday, December 5, 2016

Discussion: What World Do You Want To Play In?

Doing things a bit backwards this week and starting with the discussion. What world do you want to play in but so far haven't? It can be from a book, a movie, a cartoon, whatever you want.

For me, I think it's probably Star Trek. I'd love to see how a game works based more off the Shows than the movies. You have strange new encounters, problems have to be resolved with diplomacy and peace more than guns and action. I think it'd be heavy RP, and maybe not mechanically rewarding, but it could still be fun.

I have some friends around here who play in a  Star Trek game, and it sounds like a lot of fun - though not necessarily the type of game for me for other reasons.

What about you?


  1. I would enjoy playing in a game based on Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space series, or that of James S. A. Corey's The Expanse series. I've learned late in life I have a passion for "hard" science in my science fiction.

    I run a homebrew setting based on these series using FFG's Star Wars (NDS) system. Since I haven't been a player for years, this fills the void (no pun intended).

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