Friday, December 2, 2016

Discussion: Hero or Villain?

On Monday we talked about what it took to play a Hero. On Wednesday we talked about what it took to play a Villain. Today I have a simple question for you: Do you prefer playing Heroes or Villains?

There are a lot of good things that come out of playing a Villain. For one, a good villain is about the coolest thing around, and when you play a villain right you can be so very good about being that villain. There is also the mental exercises, and the liberation of not having to feel guilty about wiping out a small town because you needed the philosopher's stone before someone else got their hands on it. Really, there are a lot of good reasons to play a villain with the right group, and I love doing it.

However, if I'm honest with myself, I think I prefer playing heroes. There's enough darkness and villainy in the real world, and sometimes it's just nice to have that reassuring presence - even if you have to play it to get it. As much fun as there is in being a villain, there is just as much in being a Hero. Making the "bad" decisions because they save lives, standing up for the little guy, and righting wrongs that you're powerless to right in the real world can be very cathartic.

I'm always down to be the bad guy, but those times when I get to play a character that is truly good inside? Those make for some of the most memorable games I've ever been able to play in.


  1. I always think I'm playing the hero, and I enjoy that. The number of times it turns out I'm playing a villain has been a bit sobering. Some of the most fun though comes from playing just flat out heroes.

  2. I tend to play "reluctant" heroes.
    I enjoy exploring moral conundrums.

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