Monday, March 21, 2016

Learning From Others: The Bye Bye Box

Not all advice you'll get from other sources is things to do. Some of it is things not to do. I'm not sure where this video will fall for you, because most people I know either love the idea or think it's overly harsh. Personally, I think it's a solid idea but worry for the player in question not being able to parse what is going on - which could turn them off the hobby all together.

Still, I'll let you decide for yourself. Watch the video. Listen to the advice. Take what you can from it. If nothing else, it is a wonderful example of how to hurt a PC that you can't really hit in combat or with mechanics.

1 comment:

  1. It is the Captain Jack Harkness problem. How do you deal with a true immortal?

    I am much more in the "talk to the player" mode of dealing with things these days. Seem like trying to work out a compromise with the player is much better than torturing a character they love for two hundred years. Now, if that is a story the player is interested in . . . go for it. But just springing it on them unaware? I do not think that is a wise plan.