Friday, July 10, 2015

Discussion: Do you take game notes, and if so, why?

This one is more for everyone, and it is a simple question: do you take notes about what happens in session, and if so, why do you do it?

Now, the obvious answer is to keep tabs on what is going on in game and having a written record about what transpired so you can refer to it later. I understand this, but some people have other reasons for it.

Personally, when I GM I try to keep notes. It lets me keep track of NPC names (I'm constantly struggling to remember these and finding better ways to do so.) It also lets me keep track of stat blocks for fights, big events, small happenings, and other things I may need to keep my game consistent.

As a player though, I only take notes sometimes. It depends on the character. For this, the notes I take also tend to be in character. They are less a "factual" or "objective" record of the game and more the in character perspective of what happened. While this does let me recall what happened (and from an in game point of view, which helps with RP) it is less about keeping track of what happened and more about interacting with the world and the game in another way that fits the character I'm playing.

What about you? Do you take notes? If so, how detailed are they? What do you get out of them?


  1. In our sessions, every time we play one of the group writes a short summary of what has happened, which NPC's the party has met, and other important stuff. As the GM have a tendency to forget about note taking so my players don't mind doing it as long as they don't have to do it every time. x) The summaries don't include many details, and they're mostly for remembering what happened in which session. Switching between the players who write it tends to give me a little extra perspective on what the players think of the sessions too.

  2. I have a bad memory and I have been stung too many times from being expect to remember details from weeks ago. So much information is lost in a short summary, I feel like I might be losing something important if I don't write it down.