Friday, February 27, 2015

Discussion - Personal Plots

This week we talked about personal plots from the perspective of GMing them. Today, for discussion, I'm curious if you have any personal plots you've either run or witnessed that you thought were particularly grand? How did they play out? How did it work?

One of my favorites is the plot that ended up costing me my first character in a friend's short lived Dresden Files game. The best part about this personal plot? It wasn't even mine.

The story went that there was a group of werewolves in the area who were also tied to the russian bratva (mob.) One of the players was a coyote shape shifter, and as wolves and coyotes dislike each other so do coyote and wolf shifters. What started as a "big event" for the whole group quickly began to focus on the coyote shifter as the wolves wanted to paste said shifter, and the PCs rallied around their friend.

As the story progressed and escalated, my winter court changeling became more and more involved. The problem was that said character's involvement was less about stopping the werewolves and more about building up the coyote friend into the type of hero who could face said werewolves. As things got closer to the climax, my changeling was more and more building things up until, in the end, he had staged things so the leader of the werewolves and the coyote shifter were isolated in a blizzard with a full moon shining down on them.

The coyote shifter did their thing, ended the fight, and even made peace with the werewolves...and my changeling had found where he belonged in life, and it wasn't in the human world. The next day my changeling pledged full fealty to the winter court and became a full blooded Fae in service to Mab, and I had to bring someone new in.

Still, it was a hell of a story. One that no one else at the table even realized was going on underneath the other events until it was too late.

How about you?

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