Friday, January 9, 2015

What Does Your Game Call The GM?

I finally started reading through some of the game books I bought at GenCon this year. Yeah, I took a while to get to it...oops. Anyhow, as I am reading through the base book for Shadows of Esteron I noticed that they, like many games, have a different title for the GM. It got me to thinking, how many titles for this role are there?

In my twenty years or so of gaming, I have been called the following for the crime of GMing:

  1. Game Master
  2. Dungeon Master
  3. Dragon Master
  4. Story Teller
  5. Animator
  6. Leader
  7. Game Leader
  8. Mission Control
  9. Inquisitor
  10. Manga-ka
  11. Command
What about you? Obviously I default to GM since that is the term I use here all the time. Do you default to one in particular?


  1. What about Referee?

    I've been called DM and GM obviously and some terms that come from my native language. I prefer to call myself in a way that would translate to english as "Game Leader".

    Funny fact - in Polish GM = MG (Mistrz Gry, which is hard like hell to pronounce for anyone not speaking polish), so we sometimes used to use "Miś Gry", which would translate as Game Bear/Teddy-bear :D

  2. I started out with Vampire, so I've been calling the GM Story Teller for the longest time (Erzaehler in German). These days, my groups use Spielleiter/SL = Game Leader. Or Game Master when we talk/write in English.

  3. I stick to "GM" for the simplicity that everyone in gaming always knows what I'm talking about.