Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Do You Want From 2015?

It's the new year, 2015, and we have a whole year of gaming ahead of us. Normally this post would have gone up on January 1st, but with being on vacation and how I've been writing posts lately that didn't happen. No matter though, it just means you've had more time to think about the new year and get to what is really important: your gaming.

What do you want out of your gaming for 2015? Are there new games you want to play? Old games you want to wrap up? A particular character concept that is gnawing away on the back of your skull looking to get out and make itself known?

For me, personally, there are three things I am hoping to do this year.

With all the press I've given to Jason Richards's new release, is it any surprise that I'm looking forward to playing it? I haven't played in a game like this in years and I really want to see what Richards, who got his start writing for Rifts, left for me to play with. Luckily for me, my PDF copy of Breachworld has already come in, and I'm expecting my physical copies to arrive in the near future. Also luckily for me, one of my housemates was also a fan of the kickstarter, so I can probably use him to help talk others into it.

Fight Class
This is a game in development by fellow game blogger, Philippine Gamer. Fight Class is a pretty self explanatory title, but it is a system designed to let the players be the stars of their own school battle anime. Considering the excellent quality of Pointyman2000's previous game, BADASS!, I'm very excited for this. As are several other people in my playgroup, so again yay for possibility!

Wrap The Current Generation of my L5R Game
Before 2011 the longest game I had ever run lasted for about 18 months and told a whole story about super heroes in a world that had literally forgotten they existed. Considering that game was run bi-monthly, it really comes to about 9 months of gaming or less than a year. This led me to start a couple of games with the idea of seeing how long they could go. One game was my Deathwatch game which fizzled out about a year and change later. The other was my multi-generational L5R game.

The L5R game is still going. Now, I'm not sure how fair it is to say this is the same game since we're on the third or fourth generation of PCs, but it feels like one.

The fun thing with this game though is that I don't want the game to end. There is likely at least one more generation to go in the City of Webs, and I have enough ideas I could run the game right through to the modern day, but this generation is perhaps the big one in defining the city and what happens. I want it to end well, and I want it to wrap on a high note. If things go badly for the PCs it could be the end of the whole game. Either way, I want it to be a generation to remember.

And You?
What about you? What do you want out of your 2015? Sound off in the comments.


  1. Let's start with my almost 2-year-old Dark Heresy campaign. This campaign really launched me back into gaming after decades away. I love the Warhammer 40k setting. This game is the vehicle through which I became a GM. My goal for this campaign for the year is two-fold. First, I want to increase the roster to 4-5 solid players from the current three. Second, I want to get the PCs of the two rocks of the player roster to the next level, where they want them.

    I'm two sessions into a Numenera game I'm running over Roll20. I thought I'd enjoy it, but I'm liking it more than that. It's a great group of players, so that's certainly one reason - but this Cypher system is definitely onto something. This year, I want to run more Cypher system & maybe make it my system to run at Cons.

    I'm going to be a player in an L5R game over Roll20 that is just getting organized. I like the GM & we have one other player so far, who is solid. I can't wait to finally really sink my teeth into a little L5R! Being a player is right for me right now, but I will definitely run it at some point.

    The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game I played in last year was really fun, but went from infrequent to "Are we on hiatus?" FFG's Star Wars, like all the systems I've mentioned, is one I really jive with. I'm hoping that game gets strong & regular.

    Lastly, I want to finally start running games at Cons, both virtual & physical.

    Great topic!

    1. Addendum: Whoops, need to add one. This year I also want to give FFG's new "End of the World" games a whirl. The first book is now available.