Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Release: Breachworld is GO!

As of you reading this, Breachworld should be live on RPG Drive-Thru for you to purchase. For those that don't know, Breachworld is a game made by Jason Richards of Rifts/Palladium fame. In Breachworld players get to experience a world that has been opened up to inter-dimensional chaos. It is a game that, at it's core, is about the pervasiveness of the human spirit and how we - as a species - adapt to overcome and survive despite not being objectively special when compared to the world around us.

We've talked about this before on Reality Refracted. Most notably, we were lucky enough to have Jason answer some questions about the game when the Kickstarter was going. You can find that interview by clicking here. Once you've done that, if you so choose, you can head over to Drive-Thru RPG and grab a pdf copy of the game by clicking here.

I hope you'll check it out. If nothing else, Mini-6 is a strong engine for a game system and when you combine that with Jason Richards's skill as both writer and game designer, it means Breachworld should be one hell of a game for us all to dig into.

Happy Gaming, everyone!

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