Thursday, September 18, 2014

Building A World - We Need Rivers

Just a small update for today. With one vote I started adding some details to the super continent, but I suck at this part of mapping (I suck at mapping in general actually :P ) and figured that for today I'd show what we have so far, and ask for where we should have rivers, if any, on the super continent. Perhaps even some small lakes or other water sources?

Then, Saturday, we'll get in to starting the first Kingdoms. So here we go:

So where to river on the main continent?


  1. Hmm, I'm currently (re)creating the world map of my own gaming world and I'm using and old atlas as a reference. It works... surprisingly well. I know there are a gazillion of "How to Map" out there but this works better for me. :) Also, yours isn't that bad really. For rivers you kinda have to figure out first where the high points (not necessarily mountains) are. Start with 1-3 big rivers, then add some rivers branching off or flowing from a similar source. Also, your big circular (lake? inner sea?), is it fed by the rivers or does it feed rivers? Since it's so circular and there is a similar circle of island I'm guessing there's a magic origin there somewhere (or a big meteor shower that hit even more areas?) so you have a lot of possibilities there! If meteor showers, a sort of line of small lakes would be interesting (created by smaller debris).

  2. For sure there would be rivers feeding down from all those mountains. Aside from that, I would expect there to be some rivers coming out of the central sea.

    Also, at this scale every island you've drawn is actually pretty big, so they should have terrain, forests, and rivers too.

  3. Pixie,

    Using an Atlas is the next step. Mapping is something I'm effectively just getting into and with this I figured I'd just go nuts since we're building it as a community project so effectively "logic has no place within these walls" except where it fuels people's decisions. Still, a darn good idea and one I'm going to look into, so thanks.

    Spiral, yeah, some rivers coming from the mountains should be good. And the islands definitely need some of their own terrain but for right now I'm trying to stay focused on the super continent.

    Any particular places you guys would like the rivers to be/go through?

  4. A few big rivers from the "handle" of the inland sea "hand mirror" which feed water to the jungle. This would also creste some good places to put a coastal port at the edge of the jungle. Scattered rivers evenly flowing away from the mirror sea are fine as there doesn't appear to be any section of the perimeter that's any wetter or drier than any other.