Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Want To Run...

Sometimes as a GM I get the itch to run a different game or system. It doesn't mean I am done with the current game I am running - far from it in this case really - just that I want to run something else too. As a story teller this doesn't surprise me. Different games emphasize different themes and mechanics encourage the story to go different ways. Even if I just used two different systems to run very similar games for similar characters the story could end up vastly different because of those system and thematic differences.

So what do I want to run? Well, lots of things really. The two big ones that currently have me are a Star Wars campaign, which is really one of two campaigns depending on how you look at it. The first being kind of like a Shadowrun game just in the Outer Rim of Star Wars, which is pretty much what Edge of the Empire is about, and the second being a Rebellion based game. The second game is a Robotech game. I've liked Robotech since being a young child, I like the "war/space opera" feel of the story, and I like that there is room for both pilots and non-pilots alike in it.

Now the big problem is that time is limited and I'm already pretty much at capacity for games. The one night I GM I run an L5R game that I don't ant to end because I really like it, and we more or less just sarted the current geeration/era story arc.

Still, given infinite time there are a lot more games I'd love to run. How about you?


  1. I want to run a grand Space Opera against an oppressive dictatorial force where the PCs fight with a surprisingly effective ship for freedom against the hilariously over gunned, technologically backwards, poorly crewed ships of the oppressors.

    I also really want to run a Shadowrun game, and another L5R game.

  2. I want to run a L5R campaign & a Night's Black Agents mini-campaign.

    I'd like to start running various Gumshoe system games at my area's Cons throughout the year, as well as at FLGS events.

    Lastly, with all the additional time that leaves, I'd like to run online one scenario (vs one-shot/session) of various games. For example, I just bought the Numenera Bundle of Holding & have a hankering to run a horror scenario for it.