Friday, May 9, 2014

Discussion: The Key Antagonist

First off, sorry for today's late post. No excuse for it really, I just messed up on the timing for it.

Second: A key antagonist can be a great way to get your players involved in a plot line emotionally. The way it works is you present an antagonist who is basically a recurring villain always making things hell for the players.

For today's discussion I wanted to ask who is doing this right now, who has done it with good results in the past, and how you did it?

I'm also interested in folks sharing stories of dismal failures. One of the most common ways this happens is when a PC with a lucky crit and a couple lucky die rolls ends up killing this antagonist.

So, who is doing it, and how is it going?

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  1. What I have done is to have re-occurring bad guy, but then always have a second larger problem that gives them a reason not to completely kill them.

    One of the city states was taken over by a band of mercenaries. The leader was suspected of being a devil or demon. The problem was that the mercenaries were necessary. There was a larger nation of aggressive hive minded thri-kreen. They could have small skirmishes, but if they actually did much more then that the thri-kreen would have overwhelmed both of them. It also helped that the country the party was in support of was crumbling from the inside.

    I would say the choice to use a big bad organization instead of a big bad villain worked out really well.