Monday, March 31, 2014

Campaign Proposal: Goblin Island

Some people at work have expressed interest in having an after work game. All of them, the ones who have gamed before anyhow, are more comfortable with D&D type settings and rules so we figured maybe Pathfinder would be the best game to do. Works out for me as it will give me a chance to work on some basics for GMing. My mind is already going for the game, and I thought I might share some of my ideas right here. Who knows, maybe it will inspire someone or one of you will have something to add.

Goblin Island
Goblin Island is I guess an adventure or a mini-campaign that I figure will take the players from Level 1 to Level 5 while letting us all learn the basics of the system together. At least one player is new to RPGs in general so this will be important. For everyone else it will give them a chance to get used to my GMing, and give me a chance to get used to how they play.

The Basic Idea
The basic idea is this: the players were all aboard a ship sailing to be part of a royal decree to explore the new lands found across the ocean. Along the way their ship ends up in a storm, capsizes, goes to pieces, and everyone dies. Well, everyone but the PCs anyhow.

The PCs wake up on an island with their basic gear. Some basic exploration will bring them to a small village that can render aid for their wounds. As evening falls the PCs will notice the villagers take almost everything inside and secure themselves in basements. If they ask why they'll be told that the island is over run with goblins, and that the goblins range all over once the sun has gone down.

From There...
From there the idea would be to see how the PCs handle things. The island offers very little of interest for a group of intrepid adventurers. They could, theoretically choose to stay and live as villagers, but that makes for a very short game. If they want to get home or back to mainland they'll need a boat, and all the boats are deep within goblin territory.

The idea here is to let the PCs venture out and handle things as they see fit. There is the possibility for some small skirmishes with goblins. A chance for a day time attack on the village. A chance for them to scout and explore. In the end though, as I said, unless they want their adventuring life to end they need to resolve the issue and get off the island.

Something For Everyone
One of the things I like about this idea is it is a sandbox problem which leaves openings to challenge the players, all the players, in both their strengths and weaknesses. While combat is something that can easily happen there is also room for scouting, locks, and skullduggery for thieves, magic for the mages, and of course healing and divine intervention for clerics and priests.

My Style Of GMing
One thing I like with this is that I think, in the ideal, my style of GMing is to present an opening with options, let the PCs make their choices and move forward, and then hit them with the consequences when it is open to do so.

By starting the game with this I can hopefully get the players comfortable with being pro-active with things. I can also hopefully get them thinking about the possible repercussions as their actions shape the world and get the world to lash out back at them.

Your Thoughts?
What do you think?

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  1. My first instinct as I was reading was that it might be too intrinsically Sandbox for a session where the intent is to get to know the players and what they like. But then you subsequently directly addressed that - it's the way you like to GM so might as well get that party started. :-)

    IMO, pretty pure sandbox could be on the challenging side for a group that's never played together (And/or is learning the system rules?). But if that's your strong preference for GM-style & you know the risks...then I can see it.

    Perhaps hit them with the sandbox but be ready with some strong content if they bog down.