Monday, December 30, 2013

Coming Up On New Years

Wednesday is the beginning of a new year, and many people think that makes it a great time for getting a new lease on life or at least trying to make some changes for over all improvement. Personally, I don't think "just because it is the new year" is a good reason to make a change or try to make one. However, if there are things you want to get done and do making them part of the Holiday time frame can be a way to keep them in mind and help yourself out.

Essentially, don't do something for New Years just because it is the new year, but don't overlook the power of using the time frame can give you. This is all beside the point though.

My question for you today is what, if anything, are you hoping to get out of your gaming habit in 2014? Was 2013 a good year for you? What went well - gaming wise I mean - and what did not go as well?

Sound off in the comments, I'll post my own answer on Wednesday as a way to kick off the next year.

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  1. 2013 has to be considered a spectacular RPG year for me. With the exception of a brief false-start in late 2012, I hadn't done any gaming in decades until 2013. Now I've run a bi-weekly game since April, have a good consistent set of players, maintain an extensive campaign website for it, have led my group through an extensive new-edition-beta of the game & am currently in the middle of a major tech upgrade to this PnP in-person campaign.

    Not only did I attend my first gaming convention in decades this year, I attended four of them. I'm also now a player in a monthly campaign & a player in a bi-weekly campaign.

    What did NOT work this year? I didn't achieve my goal of running a game at a Con. However, I specifically decided to put aside that goal after my campaign chose to participate in the system's beta, which is time consuming. I also wasn't nearly as successful as I'd hoped in improving my session prepping routine nor in reducing the stress I experience trying to be ready. (See A.L.'s recent blog posting about GMs focusing on having fun.)

    Bottom line: this was an absolute explosive breakout success of an RPG year for me. Booyakasha

    At some point this year, I want to start running at least one game session at every Con I attend (assuming I don't hate it the first time I do it, which I don't anticipate).

    I want the campaign I run to be really "settled". It's a long story, but we're in our fifth month of participating in this somewhat out-of-control new-edition-beta process by the publisher. I CANNOT WAIT for it to be over (supposed to finally end in January). Also, sparing you the details, I made the aggressive decision to make a big tech upgrade to our game. I am very much looking forward to the campaign not being in any kind of "flux", so I can just focus on the story & improving my skills at delivering the thick poignant setting to the players.

    I want to GM a couple of games I've had my eye on - probably Night's Black Agents & L5R, even if just for a few sessions.