Thursday, October 3, 2013

Missing Worlds Media - City of Titans (Kickstarter)

I'm not sure how many of you guys played the game but I was a huge fan of NCSoft's City of Heroes mmo. I played in the beta and had an account from beta all the way through until the servers were taken down because for some reason NCSoft's overlords decided to axe a game that was self funding and making a profit.

Interestingly enough though the community refused to take the death of City of Heroes lying down. The usual efforts were put in with petitions and such to save the game and those failed. The community took the initiative and started to work on its own game, a spiritual successor. That game is now called City of Titans and it launched a kickstarter yesterday for development funds to get the game made.

This project is obviously near and dear to my heart. It is also near and dear to several people close to me's hearts. It is also just a wonderful example of what a community can do when it refuses to take no for an answer. I'm probably going to talk about this Kickstarter a lot over the next 33 days, not to drown you in noise I'll keep it limited, but because I want people to hear about this.

So please, if you like gaming at all, or super heroes, or just communities telling corporations "you want to take our game back? Fine we'll make our own damn game" take a moment to check this out and maybe through a dollar or two their way. Every bit helps.



  1. Hi A.L.
    Speaking as a fellow CoH/V exile I thank you for getting the word out! Hopefully this will work out, beating the odds. As TonyV said: "We are heroes. This is what we do!"

  2. I haven't been a MMO player so I don't have or really get any exposure to this kind of thing. It's nice to get a heads-up on what's going on out there in other areas of the gaming space.