Friday, July 19, 2013

Going Camping...

This weekend I am going camping. Why am I telling you? Because it means there is a good chance there won't be a post on Monday.

However, beyond telling you that I figured I'd also ask for advice. See, the group I'm going camping with are also a bunch of gamers and while there are plans for doing other stuff, with the high chance of T-Storms for the weekend odds are there will be some "huddle in the tent" time. So, what gaming stuff should be brought?

Obviously systems with lots of books, heavy books, or expensive books should probably be left out. My thought was to maybe bring Fate Accelerated Edition and some Fate dice. It's fast and should be flexible enough for whatever needs come up. However, that same genericness may also be problematic when it comes to specific things.

So, what quick but fun games would you recommend? Anyone else have experience gaming over a camping trip? Should we set watches in case of goblins?

Have a nice weekend folks!


  1. In the dark woods at night? Is it just me - my mind screams dark grim horror/macabre. (Ok, that's one of my routine gaming preferences.) Cthulhu has to be considered. Dark Heresy - not rules light but dark horrific future in the woods can't be dismissed out of hand. Nemesis - never played but it's on my short list & a one-shot just might be the way to try this ORE horror system. Paranoia - so dark & kafka'esque it's amusing and specializes in one-shot. Could go with any of these settings & use FATE for the system, but maybe that would seem too complicated if you didn't already have experience with the conversion.

    All of that's assuming you're playing at night. If you're playing on a picnic table during the day... perhaps high epic fantasy?

  2. A.L.
    So what RPGs did you end up bringing/playing? How'd it go? Inquiring minds need to know...!

  3. We ended up bringing Fate Accelerated Edition, but didn't actually get to play anything. The only chance we had was Saturday night and we were all so exhausted (everyone had been up at like 5am and we'd had a full day) we all just kind of passed out.

    Dealing with the 'devoured by mosquitoes' aftermath now, but it was a very fun trip. Hopefully get to do it again sometime with more gaming thrown into the mix.