Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quick Fix: Evil Hat's New Kickstarter

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a big fan of Evil Hat. I'm only playing in one of their games right now - a Dresen Files game - but even if I wasn't I'd be a big fan of them. See, I like Evil Hat more for their business practices than I do for their games, and I'm particularly fond of some of their games. I have plans to, sometime in the future (probably a year from now,) convert my L5R game from the L5R system produced by AEG to the FATE Core system.

Why am I talking about all this? Well, because Evil Hat has a new kickstarter up and I figured it was worth time to give them some presence on the blog. This time they're not pushing a game - they have more than enough game stuff coming from the super successful FATE Core kickstarter I'm guessing - but rather dice. Not just any dice either, but FATE dice that are bright and shiny and happy.

Just two days in (at the time of writing this) and they've already not only funded the project (10k) but have hit  20k (revealing the second and third sets of dice) and are well on their way to 30k. At 40k more options for dice begin to show up.

These dice look pretty slick too. I'm a particular fan of the first set revealed (the Centurion Dice) but the FATE dice and Atomic Robo dice also look pretty slick. Sadly, I'm not in the same economical shape as I was in for FATE core to drop $60-$80 dollars on this to get all 4 sets. Still, it bears watching. Who knows what else will come of this, and gamers do need endless dice after all.

Find out more about Evil Hat by clicking HERE.

Find out more about the KickStarter by clicking HERE

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