Friday, April 19, 2013

Kickstarter: Robotech Tactics

Yeah, I had a post for today. It was a good one too. It probably would've blown your mind, changed your life, and done your laundry. Yeah, that good. However, when I was getting ready to post it I noticed that my old (by internet standards) blogging buddy Jason Richards was all excited about some kickstarter that Palladium Games was hosting. The kickstarter in question? Robotech RPG Tactics. Yeah, I'm going to talk about that now.

First off, if just the name "robotech" got you interested in this game then click this link and head on over to the kickstarter.

Alright, done? Good. So, I want to bring this to your attention for a couple of reasons. One, I like being able to talk about products that are out there and I think Kickstarter is an awesome way for the RPG industry to get the funds to do some of their more ambitious projects. Two, I freaking love Robotech.

See, I grew up loving anime, and being a boy, I tended to like mecha anime. Robotech was my first "real" mecha anime and the continuous story and all that other awesome stuff were just ridiculously cool to see. It was really neat having one episode lead into another, and it felt like there was a greater reward for staying true. When my cousin got me into RPGs one of the first games I bought all on my own to look into was Robotech (also by Palladium games.) The first "long term" campaign I ever ran was a Robotech game. The first serious long term (notice this one has serious in it, my game did not ;)) game I got to play in was a Robotech game. Quite frankly I love the universe and it has a lot going for it.

Because of all this I need to now find a way to support this project. I also have to find a way to beat down all the urges I'm having to wipe a play group and mandate that I'm running a Robotech campaign...

Anyhow, enjoy the kickstarter. Next week will be more focused on my normal content. My thanks for letting me recharge the old batteries.

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