Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shadowrun: Session 2

Small post.

Currently, I'm sitting at work and trying to focus on that. Unfortunately, my mind is moving to game tonight and what is going to happen. For those that care, but don't remember, the PCs ended last session in the apartment of a dwarf gang leader named Bomack. The problem is Bomack's gang is still alive, Bomack is dead, and there's about 15 floors before they're back out of the gang's territory in this apartment building. Also, two of the characters want to get paid by selling Bomack's cyberware to a street doc, so there's a body to be moved as well.

This being the second session I want mechanics to be featured, but I also want to move more into the characters and the world. Getting mechanical familiarity early is important, but we also need to get to know the characters. Luckily, my PCs have a big issue to help define their characters around - namely, Bomack's body. See, only two of the players are keen on the plan to be Organleggers. The other two aren't so keen. One seems neutral on the subject.

Assuming this situation plays out as quickly as planned, there is also the aftermath. Aftermath that for at least one of the characters could be a big deal.

The character? Her name is Willa. She's still in high school - but almost done - and her grandfather who raised her was killed last session. She's been trained in how to handle herself (grandfather was a marine who made it through the US -> UCAS transition) but she has little experience. Worse yet, she doesn't have much money and with grandpa dead it could be a while before his money gets to her. Sadly, Shadowrun can be a bit of a dark world so pressing money issues are going to come down on Willa's head. How she acts to get that money is going to be key. Who knows, maybe she'll start running the shadows. Maybe the payday from Bomack's body - if successfully sold - will keep her afloat.

Honestly, I can't wait to find out.

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  1. I will be interested to read about how it plays out as well. Good luck to all the PCs!