Friday, September 28, 2012

Off Topic - A Damn Cool Blog

Hey folks, today I'm going to use my viewership to try and help the viewership of a cool blog that I've been reading a lot of lately. If you read here regularly than you've probably seen several of Shorty Monster's comments on posts I've made. Did you know that he has his own blog? More to the point, did you know that his blog has some damn cool stuff on it? Like this post here about an interesting technique that can be pulled off with a long sword.

Seriously, go check out the blog. It can only help you. While you're there, give Shorty Monster some love!

1 comment:

  1. And here's another comment from yours truly! Cheers for this mate. I've been offline almost all week as my girlfriend has had some time off work so we were enjoying quality time that didn't include her watching me read blogs and working on the side projects I have bouncing around my head, so just spotted this. Really appreciate the support as a new blogger, and I'm glad that there's people out there liking what I write.