Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plug Your Favorite Resource/Game!

Let's be frank. There is a lot of stuff out there for us table top rpgers to enjoy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of games out there and countless websites and blogs to help with running, playing, designing, or constructing what you need for your own game.

Today, I'd like folks to share what they've found out there that they felt was worth it. A game that seems little known and should be a bigger hit, a website that they love and use all the time for advice or other stuff for their game. Whatever it is, plug it. The only rule is this: if what you plug is your own website or game you have to plug something of someone else's as well. I'm all for self pimpage, but share the love a bit too, ok?

For me, well, most of the good stuff I find ends up on the blog roll to the right, or posted about directly in here. Though, I suppose it has been a while since I've looked.

Sound off in the comments!

((we'll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled inane rants))


  1. Unhallowed Metropolis! I love this game, and everything about it can be found here.

  2. Lady Blackbird. The whole concept is awesome and the world it's set in has great potential. It's cool if you want to play something, but don't want to bother with too many rules, character creation ect. All that is already done, you need a handful of rules and a lot of creativity and roleplaying. Just my flavour of game. Also, it's free.
    And if steampunky scifi is not your style, there are several Lady Blackbird hacks set in other genres.