Friday, February 10, 2012

Off Topic - Every Book Except One

There's been fairly little in the way of participation of discussions lately, so I'm going to shake things up a bit. Fridays are now going to be open for "Off Topic" posts. These posts will still be, tangentially, related to gaming, but not necessarily on the table top RPG area. Some days it will be videos, some days it might be thoughts on movies, and other days it might just be something random.

This doesn't mean that discussions are done. I'm just not going to force them down folks throats every friday. I also don't intend for every Friday to be an Off Topic. However, I am keeping the possibility open for me to free blog here once a week, or just to share something I found that I thought was kind of cool.

Today's Off topic? This neat little comic a friend posted on his facebook earlier today. Read it, enjoy, and perhaps get an idea for an RPG setting.

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