Monday, February 13, 2012

How Many PCs Per Player?

Just a short post today, as it is something I'm curious about.

Some people when they run games give their players multiple characters. Maybe it is a B-team, or just a slew of back up protagonists ready to jump into the limelight should something happen. How many PCs do you allow each player to have? And does it depend on the kind of game?

Personally, I try to stick to one PC per player whenever possible. Sometimes I do B-teams, and my Deathwatch game has an allowed backup PC that can also gain XP and go on some missions (if the main PC stays home) to help the team out. It works well enough.

In one game, I was playing like 5 characters, but that was a much much smaller game where a larger team was needed.

How about you?

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  1. We used to allow two characters per player but all that really does is increase turn length. Our Star Frontiers character sheets were designed for two characters. At some point I made an entire crew of a pirate ship although we never played that many at a time.

    Now I stick to one character per player, although two characters per player may not be a bad idea if playing one GM and one player.

  2. Yeah, even though I allow 2 per player in my Deathwatch game, unless it is a purely social occasion everyone only plays one character at a time. Only one can go on missions, that sort of thing.

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