Friday, October 28, 2011

Discussion: Campaign You Want To Run?

It's Friday, and that means a discussion. Today I want to know about the campaigns you want to run really badly but haven't had a chance to. Not necessarily the system you want to run next, or a cool idea you just had, but an idea that's been wiggling at the back of your head for months if not years and just wants out.

For me it is the Star Wars game I actually started a few years ago. The PCs were playing Imperial Knights who had been formed into a type of black ops team (Jedi can do more w/ less, so why not?) and the story was going to go through a lot of the classic star wars tropes, including the return of the dark side.

This game is especially painful to have had end because I had several PCs set up for some beautiful personal moments, including a person who was new to the expanded universe finding the sith code to be closer to what they wanted out of life.

Someday I'd like to get back to running this game, or using something similar to this campaign idea. Maybe I'll get my shot.

How about you?


  1. I've got two; one system specific, but doable in any system and the other could be played utilizing one of many systems.

    The first is a knights and noble game using the Pendragon system. I love the system but have never actually played nor run a game using it. I'm trying to incoporate elements in my current 4e game, but the differences in genre make it difficult.

    The other is a cinematic/gritty spy game. I like Spycraft 2.0 but there are quite a few systems out there that could handle it.

  2. I have a couple that I'd like to run but I don't know if they'll ever get off the ground.

    The first is a game where everyone wakes up in a forest, their memories being wiped by fey. They need to do work for the fey and slowly learn who they once were in life.

    The second I want to run is to steal a campaign idea from one of my old players. The idea was that everyone was somehow tied to a noble family. Either as servants, men-at-arms, actual members or what have you. And an failed assassination attempt would lead to a full blown war between their house and another noble family.

    I don't know if I'll ever get either of those games off the ground though.