Thursday, April 28, 2011

High Level Social Play

This is going to be a quick post, but that is mostly because it is inspired by a show I was recently introduced to, rather than my own personal musings and ramblings on a subject. This may become the trend for the next little bit, as well, this is my last full week of classes as a college student, then I have finals, and then it is all done and I can go back to giving you guys my focus. So, anyhow, today I want to talk about high level social play.

Now, first off, I want you to be honest. Show of hands, how many people are actually part of the top level social elite? Yeah, that's right, I didn't think there'd be that many of you. Now, how many of you want, may want, or have ever wanted to play a member of the top level social elite? Probably a lot more hands there. The only problem with that is, with so few in the gaming circles being part of that top level social elite, not many of us know what it is like up there, or how the people at the top think. So, instead, we need to use TV and other depictions to give us an example of what it may be like.

Well, the other day a friend introduced me to a show that gives you a good idea of at least how the head space for these people works. The show? Shark Tank. You can find it on ABC, and basically it is a reality show that has people pitching their business ideas to top level, self made, multiple millionaires. In return, if the Sharks like the idea, they'll bid against each other to try and get the deal. Only, sometimes they make alliances and deals amongst themselves.

Now, this is looking into the financial mind, but if you pay attention you can also get some of the inner workings. The constant measuring of threat and potential gain. The way respect can play out. The way alliances are made and broken. Most importantly, the way the game is played and how the other sharks understand the difference between an actual insult and when someone is just playing the game.

These are concepts that some players don't know how to take in stride, if only because they've never seen them before. So, it is a show I have to recommend anyone who wants to improve their upper echelon society RP watch, and watch actively. Besides, it can be a lot of fun watching the Sharks' interactions.

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