Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help A Gamer Out

With the school semester starting, amidst snow and ice because we're in New England, the posts for the next little bit are probably going to be a bit smaller. My aim is to try and get a backlog of posts going over the weekend of "regular" content, so these smaller posts don't have to become too common, but for this week we'll probably see a few of them.

However, that is neither here nor there. I wanted to take today to direct everyone who comes by this blog to quite possibly the nicest person I've met since I started doing this blog. Jason Richards, of Jason Richards Can Not Be Trusted, is working on a project that I think is really cool. And no, not because I guest wrote one of the pieces for him (full disclosure: though that doesn't hurt ;) ) What is he doing you ask? He is writing up characters, giving them OGL stat blocks, and selling them for dirt cheap on Drive Thru RPG. These are characters that could work as a PC, for a game or one shot you are just stuck on, or an NPC. For NPCs, they all come with a bunch of twists and turns to help plan adventures, or even campaigns, around them. Honestly, from everything I've seen on them, they're a really sweet deal.

So, where is the help needed? I mean, it is right up there in the topic right? Well, for one, spreading the word would be awesome. For two, Mr. Richards is just now finalizing the OGL stat block that will be included in all future complete characters (and released for those already out free of charge to anyone who already owns them). He just needs to make sure that he has everything going smoothly on them, and that the information is presented properly. So, would you mind popping on over to his blog, and taking a look at what he's got on display? While you're there, why not give one of those complete characters a try as well. The writing is good, and the ideas are well thought, and fleshed, out.


  1. Thanks for the plug, man. You've just seen your contribution to this project bumped up in the order when it comes to receiving the d20 update. ;)

  2. Hah, that wasn't even the goal. It is a cool project. I just want to see it do well. Any ulterior motives will have to wait weeks to months to be revealed ;)