Friday, June 4, 2010

Quck Fix - Jason Richards Can NOT Be Trusted

Hey, I know I said no update today but how can I resist when it is shameless self promotion?

Jason Richards (yep THE Jason Richards) of Jason Richards Can Not Be Trusted has been doing something rather amazing for the past while, he is just giving out free complete characters. Characters of all walks and types to help you populate your games, give you campaign ideas, or just get your juices flowing on that next character.

Myself and Mr. Richards started talking when he e-mailed me about my Character Type series, and he asked if I"d be interested in Guest Authoring one of those complete characters. How could I say no? The character I provided is this weeks featured complete character, and you can read all about them by following this link.

While over there, be sure to check out his other characters and entries. It is just a good site in general and you should totally follow it.

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