Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Fix: Messing Around in 40k

Whoops, I forgot to make a post for today. So, I'm just going to post something quick to keep things going, while letting folks know what I'm up to.

Starting Saturday, I'll be running a bi-weekly (the one where you have it every other week) Deathwatch game for some friends/local gamers. I'm looking forward to the game, as I rather like high power level action games, but there is something else I am looking forward to with the game as well. Namely, the ability to punish my players.

See, of the six people in the game (including me), and with one - arguable - exception, I have the least connection to the 40k universe of all the players. Everyone else has a bit more attachment to it. They've played longer, have a larger dollar investment into it, or have just spent a lot more time looking into the lore and the fluff of the universe and enjoying it.

Me? Most of my experience - aside from a brief stint playing the Tau when they came out - is tangential, or through the video games. I like the universe, sure, but I don't know it as well as they do. This is something I've threatened them all with too, in a warned attempt to break their sanity.

For the Eldar player, we'll have suicide squads and an Eldar commander who just throws more and more infantry at a problem like a dolt.

The Necron will of course have a day care, and be loving, caring, gentler robotic harvesters of life.

Sadly, for the Imperial Guard player, the only way I can think of to mess them upis make them efficient and effective.

Honestly, the game should hopefully be fun, and I am looking forward to messing in a universe where the players are more experienced. I've warned them about it, threatened with the above examples, so we'll see how it goes.

So, what about you guys? Advice on catching the feel or running with it? Times you have done similar?

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