Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Fix: Jason Richards Publishing

Two quick fixes today, take that lack of updates! hah!

Anyhow, for those of you who read here, but not the blogs on the list to the right (what are you thinking anyhow?) I figured I'd use this main frame to draw your attention once again to Jason Richards, who, today, is announcing the official birth of Jason Richards Publishing and is partnering with RPG Drive Thru to bring you absolutely free content all week.

The content in question? Complete characters. These are NPC ideas that can work in any system, bringing with them an in depth background for the character, some story hooks, and some twists to take the story another way. They're handy little things to have lying around when the need arises too.

Already up on RPG Drive Thru is my personal favorite of the complete characters, Helot, a vigilante who is taking the fight to those self-assured over righteous tights wearing fools. So go on over, check it out, and congratulate Mr. Richards on his new company!

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