Monday, August 16, 2010

Unsung Heroes: A Quick and Dirty RPG about the Other Guys

So, like I said yesterday, I've made a new system. It isn't a particularly big system, the whole document is only 11 pages including the non-game stuff in the beginning, but play testing it did give several of us a fun time for the several hours we did so. For those just wanting to jump right in you can just click the link here, or the one in the navigation bar on the side of the page. For everyone else, I'm going to go into the system itself and what went into it here.

So, still here? Alright.

The first thing I should probably mention is I got lazy with the cover. I wanted to do something for it, but after an hour searching for a passable public domain image of a full helmet, I just kinda jumped at the first half-way passable one I found. Which was a clip art (yes, the cover is clip art) public domain image of a kendo mask. If someone wants to do a better cover for it and send it in, by all means do so. I'll update the document with the new cover and give you credit for it in the credits. Sadly there'd be no pay, but then, the whole thing is being released public domain.

Which is the second point I wanted to bring up. It says so in the document itself, but I am releasing this into the public domain. Use it, copy it, modify it, or whatever else you want to do with it. Have fun with it how you want to. All I ask is that if you use it in something bigger, that you give me credit for the original creation of it and plug the website. What can I say, I'm desperate :D

So, onto the game itself (thanks for being patient). As I said yesterday, the inspiration came for the game when clicking around youtube. Specifically from the video that is in the blog post from yesterday. Watching the video, and particularly the quote inside it, got me to thinking about all the massive battles I've ran and participated in over my gaming career. No system I've used really caught just how lethal the battles could be for the regular mooks. Sure, you'd have PCs mowing through dozens upon dozens of people on the other army. You could also mention which side is winning or losing, but there was nothing to really give you that sense of scale that movies can with a few visuals of the actual people fighting.

I wanted to try and fix that. To make something that could just snap onto an existing game, or be run as a quick side-session, to give the players a view as to how the other side lives. To put the players into the shoes of those random mooks that make up their armies and play the battle from that perspective. More likely to die than contribute, and when they do die it doesn't even really matter as someone else immediately jumps in to fill in the gap.

I think I did a decent job at it. Though, as I'm writing away at this now there is more stuff I want to add, just slip in here or there. (like allowing players to play their normal PCs in this system, as heroes). Perhaps it is something I'll throw in for version 1.1 or 1.2 when it comes out.

Anyhow, I'll let the system explain itself to you, so let me just end with the following points. The system is designed to be quick and simple. Character creation is instantaneous when it happens mid-battle, and as quick as you can name 5 skills out of it. Also, if you think you have an awesome idea to add to it, send it my way (the email for doing so is in the document). I'm looking to expand this and keep it a living document, but I can't do that as well without input from outside. So, pretty please with a cherry on top, let me know what you think.

Aside from that, enjoy the system and have fun with it.

Happy Gaming!

Oh, for those that missed it. Download link is right here.

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