Saturday, August 28, 2010

Games I Want to Run

It being Saturday, and with the Greymoore game nearing its last few sessions while my M.A/C.C game just ended, I find my mind wandering over the games I want to run in the near future. What I'm kind of finding awesome with this, is that for the first time in years there is as much system variety as game variety in what I want to do. I'll talk about the importance of multiple systems on Monday (most likely), but for now it is something I'm happy with having. So, what are these games?

Game #1 - Blood and Honor
This is the new game out from John Wick, creator of Legend of the Five Rings. The game seems to be a modified Houses of the Blooded, done to make the focus more PvE than PvP, and with characters being the various members of a clan. The fact you make your own clan, then play through a narrative control based story telling the tale of that clan. The heroics, the cowards, the noble sacrifices, all of it I think could be good to try. Especially with the groups here. Houses didn't go over too well with this group, I think partially due to my inexperience with the system and not knowing how to run it, so having a second shot would be a good thing.

Game #2 - M.A/C.C
Yep, I still want to run this system. Granted, I made it, and the more play testing it gets the better. The problem is, both M.A/C.C playtests that have been run so far have been 'story' games, and M.A/C.C was built for campaigns. So, essentially, while the games have been fun , they've also not been able to play fully into M.A/C.C's strengths and I want to try to do that. The fact that it also helps me keep time devoted to finishing up the system while school gets ready to begin is simply an added bonus.

Game #3 - DC Adventures
I picked this book up last night at game. It looks like it could be a lot of fun, and I've always been a fan of the Mutants and Mastermind series. Trying out the new system could be a lot of fun, and the stuff in the book for making it work with DC could also be a real hoot. Especially since the really big comic fan in our group is a DC fanboy who has been itching to get his hands on a green power ring for a while now. I'll have to read through this book a lot more before I can run it though.

Game #4 - Icons
Ok, clearly I have Superheroes on the brain since games 2-4 are super hero RPGs, but still I want to try this system out as well. It looks interesting, and any system where the GM doesn't have to roll dice and can instead just smile evilly from behind their screen is A-ok in my book. I don't know if I'd run Icons for as long as say a DCA game, but I do want to give the system a try and see how certain parts of it play out.

Game #5 - Undisclosed Space Opera Setting
I love Sci-Fi, I really do. Greymoore has been my first venture into Western fantasy in over a decade, and now my mind is reeling with wanting to do a Sci Fi game. I don't have a system in mind for this, but I do have a setting almost completely mapped out in my head. I may have to try and write it up some day and see how bogged down with it I can become.

Game #6 - Death Watch
I've been really enjoying the two Dark Heresy games I'm in, and I am all sorts of interested in seeing what Death Watch brings to the table. I'm not usually a fan of Space Marines in 40k, but I love the idea of the players being bad asses, and you don't get much more bad ass than the Death Watch.

Game #7 - Hunter
While not the biggest WoD fan you'll ever find, as much as I like the idea of PC bad asses, I also like the idea of PCs hunting things that are far above their power level. The David vs. Goliath fight, or Ant swarm versus giant spider thing. A couple players have said they'd like to be in a Supernatural type game that I run at some point, so I guess we'll have to see what happens.

How about you? Any games you are itching to try out or run?


  1. For your sci-fi game you could checkout Battlelords (

  2. That looks like an interesting system and setting. Thanks for the link.