Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vehicle Combat

So, I've hit a small snag with M.A/C.C. I'm at the vehicle combat segment of design, probably the last 'mechanics' thing that I need to design for the system aside from any future revisions that testing is probably going to reveal. Only, it is hitting a snag. Trying to keep it simple, and yet trying to make it so that it can still be dramatic and tense like combat.

Now granted, I know some prefer to just keep it quick, and honestly I like giving the option. Only, with doing it I keep feeling that I am over complicating things. So how much is too much? If I go and do a whole system for it like you can find in Spycraft is that too much? Should I aim for simpler but go for options? It seems the ideal thing to do. At the same time, maybe it is better to just list out some very basic parameters and give the freedom of decision to the GM who is running it.

It's something I feel I'm going to be mulling over in my head for the next couple of days, at what point are you over-working something, or complicating something for the sake of it?

Any thoughts?

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