Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M.A/C.C Alpha Test #5 (Session 6)

One of my friends is doing me a huge favor and running an alpha test of M.A/C.C for me so I can experience some of the stuff inside of it as a player. I'm using these reviews to both go over the session, as well as what I got out of it in relation to M.A/C.C itself.

First though, we have....The Cast

Archer McCullaine - An Irish cop in the fictional Massachusetts city of Croatoa. Archer just recently became a Detective in the Croatoa PD and is partnered with Detective Sergeant Charles Finley in the Homicide department. Unbeknownst to his partner, though known to his Grandfather who got him into the gig, at night Archer dons a mask and becomes the vigilante 'Bowman' (Hey, I didn't make it, and the player enjoys Kirby puns)

Arthur Leif - An 18 year old boy, and freshman in UMass Croatoa. Arthur's family moved to Croatoa over the summer after Arthur was the victim of some gang violence in their previous home city. The cause of that Gang Violence? Arthur wants to be a hero, and in the process of helping someone managed to royally piss off a gang.

Gabriella Ricci - At 18 years old, Gabriella Ricci is the second oldest daughter or Arturo Ricci, a high level enforcer in the Bianchi Mafia syndicate. She is a freshman at UMass Croatoa where she is majored in Pre-Law and Political Sciences. When not in school, or playing Daddy's little princess, she sneaks out to underground fighting rings, and recently has found the thrill of taking on muggers to be a better kick.

Colin has dropped the game due to time concerns. Sadness.

The Session
The session began on Sunday morning with everyone being woken up by various family members and pulled in front of the television. The news was on, talking about the re-emergence of super heroes all over the country. A red, blue, and black blur in Kansas stopping a police chase, a bikini and mask clad woman in LA stopping an enraged driver. Along with numerous other ones in other areas. The news giving the credit for this emergence to the PCs in Croatoa who had been doing such a good job of late.

After the news broadcast, and a bit of personal business for each of the PCs (a conversation with Finley for Archer, a chat with Denise for Arthur, and Church with the family for Gabriella) and the PCs met back up at Sentinel's place to get in costume and go over the plan before heading to Sylvester Corp's other location 20 miles to the south. With Vesper and Black Knight on their bikes, and Bowman in his Charger they headed off down the highway at a healthy 125 mile per hour (Bowman wanted to use a lead foot for some reason.) Unsurprisingly the cops were not exactly pleased with this, and a pursuit began. Black Knight and Vesper managing to lose the cops quickly and hide in the woods, while Bowman had a longer chase and being forced to get off the highway and pull off some super hero shenaniganry to lose them and make it to the Sylvester Corp campus.

At the campus the three heroes split up. Black Knight and Bowman taking the science labs, while Vesper took one of the administrative buildings. All of the buildings were designed strangely, made to eat up time and give the appearance of work being done while nothing was actually going on. In the Science Labs this consisted of bunk projects being led by what can only be described as idiot geniuses, and in the admin building animatronic people - as well as strangely acting real people - who did nothing but pretend to fill out paper work before dropping it in an outbox, that then dropped it through to the inbox.

While Black Knight and Bowman worked their way to the basement, Vesper brute-force guessed her way through the computer's password system, finding financial information as well as project work for the various mafia families int he city. Dumping the information to an anonymous drop box that Black Knight owned, revealed that the system was designed to make private dumps and then erase all the back log information making it a clean transfer. The transfer finished, an escape hatch opened and dumped Vesper into the basement. Right in front of the Gravity Bullet killer who had a gun aimed at her head.

The killer's attempt at a monologue ended quickly when Black Knight, who had entered the room just as Vesper dropped down, sprung into action. Cutting the tendons on the killer's arm and moving the gun out of the way so its discharge didn't hit Vesper. The bullet did however destroy a computer, triggering a self destruct for the base. A real problem with the arrival of Finley along with a small army of FBI and State Troopers. Vesper managed to pull off some computer magic again to spare the base, and the group managed to escape without being caught for questioning by the police.

Once back in the city, Black Knight went to talk to Finley and share information. In the building the cops found tons of information showing how dirty the Mayor, Chief, and over half of the other dirty city officials and police officers in the city were. The vacuum is going to cause problems with the crime families, and both think a mob war is coming....

((Sorry for the broken ness of this, the game was fun and interesting but my brain is fried. Finishing up finals tomorrow, so after that updates will hopefully return to previous quality.))

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