Friday, July 31, 2020

Discussion: How Often Do You Use Politics & Intrigue In Your Games?

How often do politics and intrigue happen in your games? I don't mean around the periphery. Any time you do someone infiltrating a kingdom, fake kings, possessed kings, etc you have some politics happening going on in the world. But how often do you have them come up center stage? How often can the PCs get involved, and play kingmaker? How often do they get embroiled in the struggles of resolving conflict and manipulating powers without the direct application of violence on that issue?

It is something that is rare in my own games - I've always felt I was bad at running them, and I'm not sure that feeling has changed. This is why I have been so fascinated with things like "need" vs "want" and the conflict of desires and dramatic poles. Because ultimately those are the things where politics comes from in a sense.

I would like to do it more, even if just hints of it here and there.

What about you? How often does it come up? How often do people dig in?

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