Monday, May 11, 2020

Discussion: Custom or Found Maps?

This was meant to go up on Friday, but apparently didn't so I figured I'd use it today.

Assuming you use maps for your RPGs, do you make custom maps or do you use pre-made/found maps? For book adventures and campaign settings there is often a bunch of professionally made maps for you to use, and that can be an awesome reference. Even for custom content, there is often publicly available maps from various artists put up for free for everyone to use. All you need to do then is modify it to your needs.

And then there are people who make their own maps, either with simple drawing tools on a mat or with software/tools designed to do it.

In person I like using a Chessex Battle Mat and drawing things out as needed. It is even fun sometimes to have one of the players draw the map for the area we're in while I get other things set up, and then placing things around that scenario as I can to get the fight going.

Online I was using scavenged maps, but with Dungeon Draft I find it is just as easy - if not easier - to whip something up on the quick as it is to go looking for things. The best part of that is I can put in the specific challenges I want to have while doing so which makes it all the better.

What about you? Custom, Savenged, or book adventures? Or do you have something that puts you somewhere in between like tile sets you can mix and match as you desire to get something custom made out of something made/found?

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  1. I do a mix. I do scavenged (Well, used from map makers I support the Patreons of), and custom with tile sets. So far that's mostly worked out for me. The problem is that sometimes the best option with VTT is to do the equivalent of a hand drawn map on a chessex dry erase mat, and it stands out at that point.