Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Your Players Can't See You Gesticulate Online

Just a quick note for today, but with a lot of people moving their games to online I've noticed my own trend of gesticulating and using body language to convey nuance and thought is not really available as an asset, and is in fact a hindrance in running online games. I don't have a web camera, and the stores are all sold out. So my players can't see the gesticulation. They can't see the gestures. They can't see the broad grins and other signs.

That's the challenge. Why does this excite me? Because the fix is something I've been trying to work on anyhow, and now I need to and in a way where it will work.

The solution to the problem is more narrative story telling. I can't just give a gesture, I have to describe the gesture. I can't smile. I have to say that they smile. With out a camera, I need to use my words to paint a picture for my players not only of what is happening, but how it is happening. And hopefully not being on camera will help me do this and not feel awkward. Though one of the players will be in the room for me, so we'll see how well that goes.

The real trick and tool here is for some things I can pre-write descriptions and just read them without having to worry about the fact I'm not paying attention to the players while I read off a screen or piece of paper.

A small thing, but something to keep in mind. When you only have your voice or words, you need to use them to convey everything. All five senses. So give it a shot and go for broke.

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