Friday, April 24, 2020

Discussion: How Are Your Games Going During All This?

At this point where I am we're in social distancing for over a month now. There's a ton going on in the world. There's a ton going on just around the house. I'd be lying if I said I haven't felt some of the stress and existential angst that comes with living in interesting times. So I'm curious, how are your games going?

The three games I'm still in - running 2, playing in 1 - are going well online. The transition for the two I'm running to online hasn't been perfect but it's been good enough to work. The other one was always online, so really it didn't miss a beat. In fact, a player who had been gone due to work being super busy was able to come back which is super awesome.

That said, I've found prepping for game harder at times. If I'm not careful it is easy to lose track of time and not prep that way. Other times it just feels like being mentally blocked even when I have general ideas of what I want to do. Thankfully I've been at this long enough I can improv well, I have good players, and I know how to plan a few vague things to at least have some directions to go.

How about you? How are your games going? How are you doing? Holding in there I hope.

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